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December 2013
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Project Description

After a couple of years of using the same logo on all communicationmaterials, it was about time for an update on the branding of the big brother of Splend-ID: Motionmill. The font was outdated and the team was tired of the orange color.

The birth of the new logo didn’t happen overnight – because of course – everyone wanted to have their say. Many concepts such as Fibonacci numbers, abstract mills, television screens, and a whole bunch of fonts were reviewed.

Ultimately a pure and sleek logo emerged: a rounded diamond-shape with a stylized double M combined with the condensed Bebas font.

The added bonus of this type of logo?

The diamond-shape lends itself perfectly for the design for of derivative icons for printed materials such as consulting vouchers.


Motionmill presented the new logo during it’s New Year’s drink, the blooper of the evening being: hanging the icon upside down next to the speaker corner. Oops!

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